Ukrainian director and producer Oleg Bodnarchuk, in an exclusive commentary to the Segodnya website, told how the law banning Russian music would benefit Ukraine

Oleg Bodnarchuk commented on the site "Today" ban on Russian music in Ukraine

Oleg Bodnarchuk commented to the Segodnya website on the ban on Russian music in Ukraine / Photo: Screenshot from the video,

The Verkhovna Rada recently passed a law banning Russian music in Ukraine on TV, radio, entertainment venues, public transport, hotels, restaurants and other public spaces. This decision of the deputies was already supported by Tina Karol, who stressed that this “will deter defectors.”

Note that we are not talking about all Russian-language music. And about the one which is performed or created by the citizens of the Russian Federation. Such a restriction will be in effect until the liberation of all the occupied territories of Ukraine and the cessation of Russian aggression.

What the law will give to Ukrainian culture, whether it is necessary to create a list of “pure artists of the Russian Federation” – the director spoke about this and other things in a commentary to the Segodnya website Oleg Bodnarchuk.

Law on the evolution and development of Ukrainian culture

Note that subject to the ban – public performance of Russian songs, the use of phonograms, videograms and clips of performers supporting Russian aggression. Also, the music of Russian artists will not be played in public transport. In taxis and during private transportation, it can only be turned on with the consent of all passengers.

Oleg Bodnarchuk believes that the law banning the music of Russian artists is revolutionary. According to the producer, he “accelerates our evolution and contributes to the development of Ukrainian culture.”

I want the Ukrainian culture to develop not due to the prohibitions of the other, but because of its uniqueness and originality. By the way, if we talk about mass culture, then Ukraine has already outstripped its northern neighbor, where pop culture has not appealed to semantic values ​​for a long time, where it is focused on base things. In our country, however, authors and performers focus on meanings, and this is perceived by a wide range. As you have noticed, even Ukrainian artists with a frivolous repertoire are less and less in demand at this time and are forced to rethink themselves in the new realities. Musical pop slag from Russia was gradually dying in Ukraine in an evolutionary waybecause our people are ready for material that is more difficult to perceive. And in general, it is difficult to imagine how songs of aids to aggression can be heard in Ukraine during the war,” Oleg told us.

The director believes that the law banning Russian music in Ukraine is revolutionary

The director believes that the law banning Russian music in Ukraine is revolutionary / Photo:

Even after the start of a full-scale war, some Ukrainians continue to listen to Russian artists who either remain neutral or support the Putin regime. We asked the producer if this law will affect their worldview.

This is primarily a question of the internal culture of a person, his awareness of what is happening. For example, today I cannot perceive a single Russian modern song, because the mood that sounds there is dissonant to me – indifference, blindness, deafness. For me, this is a mockery and desecration of the Ukrainian people. I immediately imagine these satisfied faces of the performers, confident that they live in harmony, because the Russian army is killing Ukrainians.

According to Bodnarchuk, there is a chance that Ukrainians will stop listening to the songs of Russian artists.

I do not rule out that our young users of digital music platforms may frankly like some frivolous short-sighted Russian songs, but if the conscious environment of this person, including the state, can explain in an accessible way why this is wrong today, then in the future we will have a chance to become a strong conscious citizen in Ukrainethe director said.

There were no exceptions

Yes, the law prohibits Russian music, but… The ban applies to artists who, after 1991, are officially citizens of the Russian Federation. The exception is Russians who have received Ukrainian citizenship.. That is, if, for example, such “silent” artists as Ani Lorak, Taisiya Povaliy or MARUV are citizens of Ukraine, their work can be heard in our state. However, if the author of their song is a Russian who supports the Putin regime, it will be banned.

We asked Bodnarchuk if it would not be better to ban the songs of Ukrainian “silent” singers, given their position:

Ukraine cannot discriminate against its citizens if they have not broken the law. It is necessary either to regulate this issue normatively and to determine the legal status and consequences of the activities of public figures – citizens of Ukraine who hush up the war, or to resolve it in another way. I am sure that today the Ukrainian media will definitely apply moral responsibility to these artists, and they will not sound in our country. This is a matter of honor and self-awareness for every media worker – a citizen of Ukraine, – the director explained.

The producer commented on the exceptions regarding the law

The producer commented on the exceptions regarding the law / Photo: Screenshot from video

We add that, apart from this exception, are not subject to the ban songs from films – they will not be cut from films allowed by the Ministry of Culture. Also, excerpts of songs and clips in programs filmed before February 20, 2014 and covers of songs by Russian artists performed by citizens of Ukraine are not prohibited.

List of “pure artists of the Russian Federation”

Another exception is when Russian artists have a chance to tour in Ukraine. To do this, the singer must fill out an appropriate declaration, in which he recognizes the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and calls his homeland an aggressor. The SBU will deal with this issue.

However, Oleg Bodnarchuk considers this exception inappropriate. He opposes the active support of any citizens of the Russian Federation by Ukraine. According to him, during the war it is simply impossible.

This question is very divisive in our society. I believe that dividing people into good and bad solely on the basis of nationality is wrong. There are different people among Ukrainians and Russians. Most Russians support the war and this is a shameful truth. But there are cases of betrayal among Ukrainians: deputies, mayors or ordinary citizens. Today I would test not for blood, but for humanity. I think that even an alternative opinion of them (Russian artists – Ed.) is their internal affair. And they, among other things, built such an aggressive country. With their public and creative protests, they are fighting primarily for themselves and the future of their children, we don’t care about that. I am against Ukraine becoming a buffer zone for their transplantation here. I am sure that the greatest benefit from them is in supporting Ukraine from the territory of Russia. Perhaps it is dangerous, but this is only their fault and responsibility,” the director said.

Note that the relevant law will work after it is signed by the President of Ukraine. It will be possible to complain about violation of the law to the police – it will deal with the violator.

Recall that earlier Andriy Danilko commented on the law banning Russian music in Ukraine. According to the artist, this is absolutely the right solution for security purposes.