Emanuel Svoboda: There is nothing here. Unequivocally as FPSko with oldschool gameplay and modern graphics full of depth, brutal force and nudity. The chore of these heads could be more original. We’ll do without the stolen Ashe from Evil Dead.

Petr Zelen: Even though Duk and I enjoyed a lot of fun in the 90’s, both in the campaign and in the multiplayer with comrades, at this moment I can really imagine a rough, bloody bodybuilder. The only option is probably to crash into the work of the Flying Wild Hog studio and hope that the lightning will hit the same city a second time. Years ago, almost years ago, it was almost impossible to revive the dusty (and forgotten) Shadow Warrior character and turn it in a pig and free of slut for the current generation. So, for the current time, which neither I nor the users of Steam like.

On the other hand, if the atoms are drilled, then I probably won’t be sorry. Especially the young generation would probably not exhale his ovinism, rudeness and fondness for fake humor. And at a time when the developers had decided to change Duke’s character, it wouldn’t be him.

Honza Srp: No, I firmly hope he never gets back. Nothing against bull acne heroes, but Duke, with his image as an ovarian rider, is as cool to me today as Steven Seagal cheats in the light of Vladimir Putin. So even in those nineties there were a lot of better insights than Duke 3D (Terminator, Dark Forces, Blood …), I also don’t see a single reason to go back to this.

Duke Nukem Forever, never released the 2001 prototype

Duke Nukem 3D

Ondej Zach: Although I very much remember the owl combined in Duke Nukem 3D, I think that the deep-seated muscle man missed the return time at two times. It’s been too long and a new debt would have to offer more than just nostalgic memories. It would be naive and stupid to hope that only the character of Duke and somewhat controversial depth stood.

I would imagine the new game as a twisted action, in which Duke is three times deep. To do this, a funny weapon, a wall of destructible environment, a lot of secret places to discover and interactive elements in the same. Instead of embarrassing cars and helicopters, Duke would sit in a flying tent. Even though times have changed, I can see space for business here. Just wonder how the God of War has changed you.

Petr Krnk: For me, Duke Nukem was the king in the nineties, when I attacked him with clouds of an hour. Today it is old and there are others at the queen. The proof will be released after years by Duke Nukem Forever, who did not enjoy it as cruelly, and if it should continue, let it keep me completely cool.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Duke Nukem movie

Ondej Martin: I completely missed Duka Nukem, so his gate would leave me cold. If you want to immediately cover a spray with a test point of plenty of testosterone, you are happy to install a new Dooma.

Jan Lys: I would probably go back to the bottom with the fact that I would not dream of a modern concept and visuals, for which you will have to buy a graphics card worth a small family house. Game from 2019 Ion Fury proved that the retro concept of stleek can work for me even in a great time, so I would not experiment, and if it were necessary to increase the character of Duke Nukem, then I would refer to the concept of the legendary Duke Nukem 3D. Well, I’d probably leave Duko alone, at least for a while, to repel.

Honza rsk: Duke Nukem will never be a game for the masses. If he wants to succeed, they should drink with a similar gameplay that the character made famous. days of modern games as an open world. A simple shoe at which the hunter reacts. Duke Nukem never took any strange attention, on the contrary, it is nevertheless a question of how some of the jokes, remarks or narrations with a sexual subtext would be accepted on the day of the hyper-correct period. Not a game that would recede from its principles and what made it ridiculous, I would prefer that the creators leave this game room alone and prefer to let the game nostalgically remember the times of the past.

Michael Mlyn: I don’t even know if I want to continue at all. The latter did not quite succeed. I wouldn’t even mind that the game gave the impression that I would suggest it at the age of ninety, but it took a lot of revenge and some passports were pronounced stupid. So if the dl comes out in the classic term, then and will be done, I have not the slightest problem with it.