This year, 24% of Russians plan to spend their holidays in the country, including 21% of residents of the Southern Federal District. I figured it out Research service of the largest Russian online recruiting platform hh.en during the survey.

It is interesting that the majority of people plan to relax in this way – 27% versus 22% of women, and most often survey participants aged 35 to 44 years old spoke about this – 28% of respondents in this age category turned out to be. A large proportion of those who plan vacations at the dacha are among workers in manufacturing and agriculture (43%), sales (32%), and construction and real estate (27%).

By the way, it turned out that 11% of workers in the Rostov region this year plans to plant more vegetables in their own garden, among Russians in general, 16% of respondents said this. Another 19% of the Russians surveyed shared that they would be engaged in planting as usual, and 65% answered that they did not have a vegetable garden. In the Rostov region, 79% of respondents said that they did not have their own plot.

More often than others, representatives of the legal profession (25%), sales (21%), construction and real estate, and administrative personnel (19% each) spoke about plans to increase the vegetable harvest. Most of those who do not have a garden were among employees in the field of personnel management (76%), top management (75%) and marketing, advertising and PR (74%).