May 17 in Cannes kicks off the most famous film festival. Russian journalists will apparently not be allowed to attend this event for the first time in history. And this is despite the fact that the main program of the festival includes a picture by a Russian director.

A number of Western publications reported on restrictive measures in the world of cinema, citing two Russian journalists who had previously covered the festival on numerous occasions. Earlier, as usual, they sent a request for accreditation. The head of the press service of the competition, Agnes Leroy, refused them, explaining her decision by the fact that the organizers of the event were waiting for the situation in Ukraine to stabilize, and Moscow and Kyiv to come to a peace agreement. Since this did not happen, the leadership of the Cannes Film Festival decided to refuse accreditation to Russian journalists.

Leroy stressed that only publications supporting France’s position on the situation in Ukraine received accreditation. True, the press secretary ignored the issue of obtaining accreditation by at least one Russian resource, thereby confirming that everyone was blacklisted, regardless of the political views of the editorial board.