est msc and for three years a threat to, for example, the SPD representative Daniel Makay. In a burrow after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he wrote on his Facebook page: Putin is a simple fighter, saying that he will be able to disarm the ukrofaists. With the fact that the Russians should have a handful of vodka bombs men tone.

The police of the former soldier from the law enforcement began to be searched by the police and the subsequent Bruntland council, which sent everything to court. There must be a lot of people, although Makay really ends up behind me is extremely unlikely. It was probably enough to state that Mr. Makay from the Bruntlsk SPD is most likely an idiot. Possibly add Dr. Chocholouk, a madman from the movie Jchyme, to him in the machine: Just think, we’re used to that!

It is fascinating what all the authorities and the main nerves have here.

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