After the incident with the paparazzi suffered by the prince harry and his wife Meghan Marklewho were also with Mrs. Doria Raglandthe mother of the Duchess of Sussex, the New York police decided to omit several statements to the local press about what had happened that night, where they also said that the royal couple would have been heavily harassed by various tabloid information sources.

The police department of NY issued a statement on Wednesday where they assured that in the persecution that suffered Prince Harry and his wife, almost two police officers were involved, also sentenced the irresponsibility and recklessness of the journalists who were chasing the royal couple, although they said that no collisions or accidents with pedestrians were reported. With these statements, the city police confirm he harassment that the dukes are suffering on American soil.

The Mayor of New York, Eric Adamsalso spoke about the incident last Tuesday night, he was giving a speech about public safety and the constant robberies that were taking place in the city, when a reporter interrupted his speech to ask him if he was aware of the persecution in which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were involved the day before.

“We all know that the press and the paparazzi want to capture the best picture, they want to get the full and correct story, but public safety must always be ready to react. Two of our officers may have been injured.” stated the mayor, referring to the harassment and persecution.

“New York is not a small town, speed limits should not be exceeded anywhere, especially in a densely populated city like this. And I think all of us… remember how Prince Harry’s mother died and it would be totally unfortunate if innocent bystanders lost their lives in a chase like this, and also if something happened to them, so I think we have to be extremely responsible. . I found it very reckless and irresponsible.” This was the answer that the mayor gave to the reporter and to everyone in general.