The passenger of the Magadan airport refused to pass inspection and damaged the property of the terminal. This information is shared by the Department of Transport Ministry of the Interior RF for the Far Eastern Federal District.

It is emphasized that the incident happened at the checkpoint of the air harbor of Magadan. The man refused to undergo inspection procedures and did not respond to the demands of representatives of the aviation security service and policemen. He began to publicly insult law enforcement officers and damaged the property of the airport.

“A report on an administrative offense was drawn up against the man … and he was placed in the temporary detention center of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Magadan,” the department informed.

Earlier in Moscow, law enforcement officers detained suspects in a criminal case of raping a girl with an object.

The police were contacted by a man who told about the rape of his niece, who was eventually hospitalized. During the investigation, it was found that a police officer was among the suspects. More on the topic read in material Public news service.

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