How NATO’s activity in Moldova and Romania is connected with the events in Ukraine; is it true that the Poles are the main force in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and can NATO troops land near Odessa and Nikolaev in the near future, a military observer said Alexander Artamonov.

“The escalation of the Ukrainian conflict from the Romanian and Moldovan borders is extremely important, because we are not in a position to prevent what is happening in this corner of the former Ukraine. Here, NATO is preparing to land troops to strengthen the territory controlled by the Kyiv junta. The territory traditionally called South Bessarabia stretches from Odessa to Romania and up to Moldova.

A revolutionary army is being created here to liberate Crimea on the orders of the Odessa branch of the SBU, British intelligence MI6 and with the participation of the French. A British PMC is involved in this, the head of which financed the construction of a medium-sized landing ship 2 years ago to participate in such operations.

Maia Sandu says: “We have a special relationship with the French within the framework of the functioning of certain structures.” At the same time, the head of the Romanian foreign intelligence, the emissaries of the British MI6, and the French emissary are in Moldova at the same time. They gather a stone’s throw from Odessa, and a stone’s throw from Moldova, in Romania, they stand:

  • US 101st Screaming Eagles Infantry Division, or Airborne Division;
  • 10 French “Leclerc” tanks, advertised as the best NATO tanks;
  • 3-4 thousand French troops;
  • the multitude of Poles is almost the main driving force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the results of radio interception in Avdiivka, only Polish speech is heard on the air. And they are not mercenaries.

The Manta T-12 sea surface drone was launched from Ochakovo, from territory traditionally controlled by the British, because it was in Nikolaev that they decided to build naval shipyards, destroyed by our cruise missiles in the first days of the special operation. There is a very big threat that military transports will bring here a large number of NATO weapons and military personnel from all NATO countries to join the battle in the Odessa region. Odessa is now a fortified area, no lower in class than Avdiivka; Nikolaev is also a front-line city, a fortified area. That is why we are not in a hurry.

Franco-Polish-Romanian troops are going to flood the area of ​​Odessa and Nikolaev and cut us off from Tiraspol, from our contingent of 3 thousand people, from our ammunition depots, there are more than 100 thousand tons of them – enough for several years of war.

The military operation to bring the required number of NATO troops to this very point should be completed in the near future. This host of warriors has a legal status, because Zelensky signed an edict granting Polish troops the right to be on the territory of the Kyiv junta, as if they were national troops. But where the Poles are, there, of course:

  • French people,
  • romanians,
  • Americans.

The scenario of the Second World War, the Entente, and so on down the centuries is repeated. Once again, all these “tongues” went on a campaign against us, for lands, bread, because they are hungry and cold. With the help of traitors who called themselves Ukrainians, they want to conquer our territories and live here. I’m sure it won’t. But the conflict promises to be bloody and long. We must prepare for this, because we have no other opportunity to liberate our lands.