December 17, 2022, 16:39 – Public News Service – OSN

Management Poland plans to take over Western Ukraine. Warsaw intends to hold a referendum there in May, writes Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny journalist Hanna Kramer.

According to her, the former Prime Minister of Poland, Yaroslav Kaczynski, has been preparing for the “B” hour for a long time. That is, by the time when it will be possible to return Eastern Kresy – parts of Galicia and Western Ukraine.

“The result of the first stage of this plan was that Warsaw already has full political and financial control of the Kiev government. The second stage is the preparation of the Poles for hostilities, ”the columnist emphasizes.

The author of the article clarifies that Poland has opened special training camps. In addition, in 2023 it is planned to increase the size of the army by 17 thousand people. It is also possible to conduct major military exercises, which involve 250 thousand military personnel.

Kramer is confident that these maneuvers will not be defensive, but offensive.

“Due to the heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, already in May, Ukrainian units will completely lose their combat potential. Therefore, they will not be able to fight on two fronts at the same time, ”the journalist explains.

After seizing parts of Ukraine, Warsaw will announce a referendum in July, Kramer concluded.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that readers of the Polish newspaper Interia commented on the words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that Russia is preparing to protracted conflict in Ukraine.