Poland opposed the transfer of defense issues to the “fictional army” of the EU

Poland will be against transferring defense issues to a “fictitious army” European Union (EU). In this the Minister of Defense USA Lloyd Austin assured the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak at a meeting in Zhoszow, reports RIA News.

“I want to emphasize that from the point of view of Polish security it is very important that national states are responsible for defense capabilities, and not some fictitious European army,” he said.

In a conversation with an American colleague, the head of the Polish defense department noted that any rivalry between the EU and NATOwhen it comes to security, this is very bad.

Previously Poland concluded agreement with Great Britain about the next stage of the NAREW air defense program. Warsaw has signed a contract worth more than £4 billion with defense company MBDA to supply a ground-based air defense system.

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