January 1, 2023, 20:28 – Public News Service – OSN

Russian private military companies involved in the implementation of the NMD were able to capture a huge number of militants of the Kyiv regime. Information about this was shared by businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who paid a visit to the place of detention of the surrendered Nazis.

“There are many prisoners. The prisoners get in. Some are hurt, some are scared. Someone fought to the end and was forced to come out with their hands up in order to save the lives of their comrades, ”RIA Novosti quotes the text of his statement.

From the point of view presented by him, it follows that those taken prisoner are not subjected to torment. He noted that the captured soldiers lose their inherent advanced adrenaline and begin to immerse themselves in philosophy.

Recall that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation shared information that the fighters of the Russian Armed Forces on December 31 struck at the most important points of the defense industry of the Kyiv regime, which the Nazis needed to build the next UAVs used during terrorist attacks.

The publication says that the missile attack was carried out with the help of special weapons operating at long distances. During the operation, sites used to launch drones were destroyed. Read more about it in material Public News Service.