Against Spart first celebrated early two gly, sweat had to react to the expelled Pavel Bucha. After the return, he gave a standing ovation and enjoyed the moment when the boilers chanted his name.

Go before us, they called Pavel Vrba, a trenra soupee. He was at the gold rush, I wish it to him, Blek betrays.

If Plze actually leads to the overall championship, you will be thrown in front of Victoria fans by Kotla as his masterful predecessor …

You fucked up Sparta. have you asked for the title?
We took a step to play on it. We are expecting two immense tongs. But we are afraid of what he has. We will enjoy the victory, but the next day we will start preparing for Hradec the next day. When we hrt are so honest with taste, we have the title hrt.

Was your aggression, militancy?
We knew that when they had space, they would be in danger. Maj Dokala, who can put the balloon where he wants, we also wanted a special cut. I take it as Sparta’s tusk game, I have a football game, technique, he kicks a great standard. But we didn’t want to let anyone down.

Calmed down vs fast first gl?
He encouraged us a lot, but I think we played a very long time. We didn’t let Sparta into him. After June, the games came together. They knew that the soup didn’t have a bit of space.

Did you get bogged down in the preparation especially for standard situations, with their defense in Sparta problems?
We prepare for the standards before each pass. Let’s focus mainly on our own, we are strong in them, Kalvach is also a great warmth. Today we hit them twice, last time on Spart.

A moment from
Jean-David Beauguel from Pilsen

Will you call Pavel Buch an early red card?
The first mistake was that we let Peka run after the standard. Then he had to make a foul. It was a tactical mistake, but not just Buchy.

Before the end of the first half, you reacted to the exclusion of Jan Skora, who looked disgusting.
I’d be hot too, but he knew it was for tactical reasons. Until then, he played great, he’s not a classic middle age. Proto el dol.

Do you read that you imprinted on the darkness that he missed the two monks a bit? Even from this they can stem the most excluded, you have the most in the league …
Let’s talk about responsibility all the time. We want her for the games, they took it for St. I don’t know if you come out of it, but I’m glad that the team is healthy and honest. The reward is that we play for the title two rounds before the end.

As if even thanks to the balance of recent years, Pilsen on Sparta lived more than others.
Mon so it is. Sparta and I played those passes and we were all right. We had to win the first and second matches with a significant difference, we beat her in the seasons.

Do you know that the title is really close?
I found a situation in Spart where we led those laps by three points before the end. And then we lost twice, also the euphoria of tame. I understand that we are very close to the title. For me, it’s far below us, unpleasant Hradec, it will be a great fight.