Michal Hork will lead Sparta against Slovakia’s recall of coach Pavel Vrba on Monday. All these duels have a kick-off at 7 pm and the iDNES.cz server will offer a detailed online report from them.

On Sunday, Plze defeated Sparta 3-0, two laps before the end of the superstructure, in the top of the table, they beat the two-point jump in Slavia to the sixth championship title.

Viktoria did not lose 20 in a row in the league, but she suffered one of the two races in this season’s top competition in August, first at Hradec Králové, in his asylum in Mlada Boleslav.

We don’t have a good balance with Hradec in thle seasons. They play well and fully without pressure, which also affected their he. We are very close to what we all dream of, and we do not want us to be stopped by Hradec, said the assistant of the Pilsen coach Pavel Horvth.

They surprised Hradet in the water of the superstructure with a 4: 3 victory over Slavi and a 1: 1 draw on Spart, but in the last round they lost in Ostrava and did not score after nine rounds. Vd, e skon est.

We allowed it, but we are on the scales in the title, so the boys are focused. Let’s face it. We picked up the Spart point, it has given up since then, we robbed Slavia, now Plze, said assistant Stanislav Hejkal.

Hradec Krlov – Viktoria Plze

Wednesday 19:00, court Berka

Report set:
Hradec: Vzek – ech, Krl, Leibl – Mejdr, Kuera, Vlkanova, Kode, Novotn – Kubala, Prekop.

Plze: Stank – eznk, Santos, Hejda, Havel – Skora, Kalvach – Kopic, ermk, Mosquera – Beauguel.

Slavia has not lost to Ostrava in the last nine league events and the fight for the fourth title is understandably behind them.

We don’t think that everything is decided at all, anything will happen in football. In recent years, we have become accustomed to always going for the title, so we don’t have it in our hands. We are going to do it 100 percent, stated the slave assistant Zdenk Houteck.

The bank is occupied by the city, but it is a great motivator. The last home of the season, an excellent opponent, the world of football. We say that we will repeat the performance from the last mutual match in Ostrava in December, that we are just as excited. I hope we will go ahead, said coach Tom Galsek.

Bank Ostrava – Slavia Prague

Wednesday 19:00, Sud Hocek

Report set:
Ostrava: Latvka – Ndefe, Pokorn, Lischka, Fleiman – Jaro, Kalo, Kuzmanovi, Boula, Smkal – Almsi.

Slavia: Mandous – Schranz, Ousou, Kdela, Jursek – Hole, Hromada – Lingr, Traor, Plavi – Sor.

Sparta did not win you from the last rounds and after Sunday’s 0: 3 loss in Pilsen, the club management recalled Vrba. Until the end of the season, she will be led by the current second league reserve Michal Hork, who had a short time three years ago.

We take all the remaining competitive matches of the season. We want to win them. We would also like the game to look a bit. Natst, the passages follow each other so quickly that the game forgets the previous failures, Hork said.

Sparta ends up aunt, Slovakia quarter. Both darks will fight again on May 18 in the finale of the home cup, while this duel at the match is ahead of the league. Only in the original term last Wednesday did not play due to incompetent tern.

The league’s return will not affect the horse’s position in the table, but it will not happen on Friday. It will be a preparation for both finals on both sides, remarked Jan Palinek, assistant to coach Slovack.

Sparta Prague – 1. FC Slovakia

Wednesday 19:00, Kepsk court

Report set:
Sparta: Hea – Suchomel, Vitk, Hancko, Hjer – Sek, Pavelka – Peek, Karabec, Harasln – vanara.

Slovakia: Nguyen – Tomi, Hofmann, Kadlec, Kalabika – Danek, Havlk – Jureka, Sadlek, Holzer – Cicilia.