Plus-size model complained about narrow seats on planes and was branded as cheap

A plus-size model and OnlyFans star complained about narrow seats on planes and was branded as cheap online. She shared her problem in a video on Instagram (social network is prohibited in RF; belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned), on the video paid attention British tabloid Daily Star.

In the footage published online, 26-year-old Gracie Bon first walks through the airport, showing off her curves, and then shows subscribers that the seat belt is barely fastened on her.

“We ask all airlines to let big girls like me fly. It’s not my fault that I have such a big butt – please just do them [кресла в самолетах] more,” wrote the plus-size model.

The video received more than 77 thousand likes. Many of Bon’s fans supported her, but there were also those who reacted negatively to the video. “It’s your fault. “You paid for these operations,” “Did you have the operation by accident?”, “Stop being cheap and fly on a private jet,” subscribers were indignant.

Previously, Canadian plus-size travel blogger Jaylynn Cheney called hotels are expanding hallways and elevators for overweight guests. She said she wants to make the tourism industry more welcoming for everyone.

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