While Chrudim was whipping in front of her pikikotel, or she had secured protection in advance, but she was just looking sadly into the void. He is one leg in the 3rd league, where I am looking after eighteen years. The last time he worked in FL was in 2003/04.

To put it bluntly: go dchme, but it doesn’t look like much time. There was silence in the cabins, sadness. All of us, where we worked it out, is especially important because goalkeeper Jan Plach.

Haek, as a five-time Czech champion with Sparta and an Austrian ampion with Austri, tried to drive a little in the graves.

I offered the boys, and don’t be silly, don’t move, and don’t blame anyone, and don’t do anything that might bother them, lil the successor of the dismissed David Jarolm.

I told them that I descended to football. ej zail tituly i pdy. I reminded them that only in a crisis does he grow like a hunter, not when he celebrated a title, even if he is a Krishna. Strokes t my shift. I tried to make a positive out of it. Billions of people in this moment of external problems will not lose their way and eventually descend to the third highest competition.

Arma won a single in the spring, and the current one won her eleven times without victory. She slid to the penultimate city and two laps before the end she lost to Tinec five point. He can’t get another soup under him. Although in the last, Saturday round, the guest at the Municipal Stadium, only on Wednesday, will start the favorite of Opava, who is going to the bar, but Tinec uvt Vykov; he hit.

Ned is saved by the constant sweat that must happen. He has to give points, we don’t pay them. To put it bluntly, our ancients are essentially in theory, not wearing Haek rov brle. Shy to go in search of hope: We will mobilize the audience, in Opava let’s try to play it with dignity. And let’s see what happens.

You don’t even have to make the bag, Arma won’t save it in his hands. We had ten or twelve rounds in them back. But we defeated the Prostjov resort, otherwise nothing. Mentally, he broke his last goal in Jihlava in the 94th minute, reminding Glman to pay 1: 2 in the spring end of a postponed autumn duel.

The heads at st did not start, ptkrt na jae caught nakldaku 0: 3. We always said we had to win, and then we got a three. We have a young darkness, and when you don’t win two passes, you’re under pressure. And it’s played h. Mostly we got the first gl and gave in two minutes. Then it fell on us, described the wreck of Plach.

Marek Strada, captain, after serving

On Saturday, before 875 girls, the first threatened was the only one, but David ern hit the bar. The guest was beaten twice in ten minutes after the break and the army was overwhelmed.

We had problems with the set, there were a lot of injured and sick people. vanda ml veer before the return temperature 38, Krobot a few days in a row 39, even so they had to hrt. We had limited opportunities to put together the lineup, Haek revealed.

Poutt didn’t want to go into the analysis. I was hired for those weeks, for five days. I did not complete my rounds, but I do not want to analyze and analyze what was and was not the time. It is not appropriate, he said. We just hern weak not our rivals.