If you buy them, quills for a long football hit will cost hundreds of millions of dollars and euros. Often these are really floating inches with one or even two helipads, swimming pools with mosaic tiles, swimming pools, gyms, conservatories, cinemas, but also other facilities that only the most luxurious hotels in the world have.

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The Biden administration is seeking to seize confiscated super-yachts of Russian oligarchs for cash aid to Ukraine. It was confiscated from Italy, France, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain by a luxury ship connected to the richest Russians. The most attention in this direction attracted the seizure of the yacht Eherezda, which falls two in connection with Vladimir Putin.

Ndre’s fuel has a volume of 682,500 liters and a range of 12,000 km. So the yacht consumes less than 57 liters per kilometer.

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