The Prima party was not only full of memories and drinks of decathlon Roman Ebrle (47), who was closely followed by fake Patrick Swayze (57) and Milan Peroutka (32). It was also started by Playboy star Andrea Antony (32), who gradually moved around the two named. She caught a second breath after her motherhood and would have liked her career star to have risen much more, it was not before the birth of her daughter Rozrka. But will the wild dance creations last?

Zatmco in the decathlon Roman ebrle he said, he’s not so sure on the dance floor. They could even read bad language that she is a virgin and it is better when she just stands or sways to the rhythm.

Poadu reporter Showtime Andrea Anthony let’s party Direct she decided to change and saw him like the legendary Torndo Lou. No, the moderator looked around, she unpacked the day of creation, when she created a long-standing dance preparation.

At Prima’s tables, Andrea Antony and Roman Ebrle got really excited.

She was now a good fit, if only he didn’t get too involved and preferred to enjoy a delicious drink, assisted by the news star. Alex Hrdinov. Antony, who appeared on the cover of Playboy years ago, was not particularly deterred by this.

I have another potential sparring partner in my computer. It was dark Milan Peroutka. Unfortunately for her, he was mainly devoted to his former colleague and friend Nikola Echov alias Shopaholic Nicol, from whom he did not move a step all evening.

The stars of Sndan s Nova: Milan Peroutka and Nikola echov aka Shopaholic Nicol also drank at Prima’s table.

What about that evening in the eyes of some of the descendants of the ladies it looked a bit like Patrick Swayze in the legendary Hnm dance. Andrea could only keep silent about that. After returning from her maternity leave, she was really busy, but the question is whether it will be worth it for career advancement.

Posts by moderators Show team they are busy, you like that Gbina Soukalov not going to raise the anchors after the mother urit. In addition, I heard that Antony was mistaken for your position and that she was not very amused by the idea of ​​her dating a female reporter.

But her visions are still not fully in accordance with the fully guided, so now tell me what will be long. If something doesn’t happen to you, why don’t you? What’s wrong with you? After the Prima party, it’s full of excitement… Hodn promises a lot from Instagram, from which she would like to print a vc.