Pitelinsky livestock breeders sold pedigree young animals for 168 million rubles

In 2021, Oka Moloko LLC, OP No. 3, sold almost 1,200 Holstein heifers for sale in the amount of 168.3 million rubles.

Rafail Ibragimov, chief livestock specialist at Oka Moloko LLC – north:

“The livestock in our farm is purebred and has a high genetic potential. The work we do with the dairy herd has not gone unnoticed. Since October 2020, the farm has been assigned breeding status. Breeding work was aimed at improving the milk qualities of the breed. Where, first of all, the productivity of animals and such indicators of milk as fat content and protein content are taken into account.

Over the past year, we sold heifers with a pregnancy period of 4-6 months: to Tatarstan – 100 heads, the same number of heifers were bought from us by Privolnoye LLC from the Ryazan region; 142 heifers – Caucasian Health LLC from the Chechen Republic; 148 heads of the same period of pregnancy were sent to Kaluga “RUMELKO”. 550 heifers were sold to Stupinskaya Niva. And 150 heads – to the division of Oka Moloko LLC in Shatsk. In total, our farm received 168.3 million rubles in cash proceeds from the sale of the breeding herd.

Success in raising breeding young cattle is to a large extent the result of the conscientious work of calves. Who work at the Nesterovsky and Podbolotevsky livestock complexes. Thanks to Maria Aleshkina, Shafiga Makhmudova, Sevda Ibragimova, Lyubov Vilikenko, Sveta Mamedova, Gulsanam Meitiyeva. And, of course, I want to note the considerable amount of work on growing young animals by our specialists: livestock specialist Ekaterina Sysoeva and veterinarian Olga Grishaeva.