The first ICT Operator is behind a number of websites launched by the master during the last term. This is, for example, the widely criticized Portl praana, which cost 24 million crowns, but it is really used by a handful of people.

Krch wore to Hiba at the end of last November, when a debate on the nomination of his current mayor as the candidate for the run-up to the municipal elections began on Pirtskm fru.

I worked with Zdek in the past 1.5 years at the City Hall under the responsibility of IT as the director of the IAP department (IT applications of the City Hall). Yes, in the responsibility of Pirti, which falls within the competence and responsibility of Zdek Hib. Although we spent 143 million years in IT, etc. in the candidate’s Zdenk, but compare for yourself what Prague has built and accomplished under the leadership and managerial decisions of Zdek, wrote to fru Milan Krch.

This IT budget has a budget of about 1.2 billion. Yes, every year. The only joint-stock company (Opertor ICT as), which will receive about 300 million crowns from the budget, dodv.

Hib replied to Krch that his comment could not be objective, because the post that the mayor had repeatedly told him had ended up with his work.

The structure of the IT budget is certain, and it is also demagogic to compare its total volume with the selected project, which I mentioned in the candidate. For those pensions, we run, for example, MEPNET, ie with communication for the city and other organizations and the information systems of the city center and the mm feel that you also involved the camera system, wrote Hib.

Zdenk Hib, Adam Scheinherr

Compared to 2018, we objectively accounted for the 143 million K and, in addition, we secured the things I listed (I logically chose the main ones that our predecessors did not give at all or we ensured some significant development). For example, the projects at OICT include the new complete operation of the master’s data centers, which we transferred from a commercial supplier to a city-owned company in order to reduce vendor lock-in. The purchase of services at the municipal company of the furnace is not a problem – this is how the collection of waste and peace at Prask services is interesting, at first the municipal lighting at THMP or public transport via DPP, he added.

But the mayor opened the darkness, a beautiful order from the first city companies without competition. And among those falls is the transport company, which is in connection with the ongoing corruption case the most difficult issue.

Well, that’s what I’m interested in, Zdek. Did you really say that the purchase of services on the basis of pmho back from municipal companies is not a problem? A specific order for the operation of transport buses from DPP, although there is competition in this area and it is possible to spend about a billion crowns each year? Mayor Krch asked.

He added an additional part from the Pirt community program for 2017.

We are against a monopoly on ordering transport services, on the contrary, we support competition between providers. Public contracts must be issued in such a way that as many companies as possible can take part in the competition, stand in nm.

Pirt Milan Krch

And last but not least, the former department for the crackdown of IT applications also changed Hiba’s alleged dissatisfaction with his performance. According to Krch, she should have refused to knock her to the changing ICT Operator’s lucrative contract.

Your only dissatisfaction did you tell me when I didn’t sign OICT contracts for your beloved for about 40 million. I do not know about other days. Calm down here, at least I’ll find out said Krch.

However, Mayor Zdenk Hib said that the transport company had no monopoly on the operation of the traffic crack. The article from 2019 states that the transport company used private lines before operating two lines.

The exchange of views took place at the end of last year in Vlkn, where the Pirates discussed the nomination of Zdek Hib as the candidate for this year’s elections. Unequivocal support from his fellow mayor, 79 out of 143 voters in the polls voted for his nomination, which represents 55 percent. Another 34 percent opposed and 10 percent voted.