Rumors of an alleged pedantic and hateful attitude of the Colombian singer Shakira, now it is also confirmed by the parents of his ex-partner Gerard Piqué, who at the moment are very much in a fight with the interpreter and affirm that they “can’t stand her” anymore.

The footballer’s parents Gerard Piqué They do not support Shakira’s attitude, since they consider that the colombian It has been “contemptuous and arrogant.”

The rumors of the bad relationship that the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ has with Jacob Pique Y Monserrat Bernabeu, parents of the former soccer player Barcelona Fc they are diverse. But everyone agrees that the position of the gentlemen towards Shakira is also hard.

As revealed by the Spanish media, the relationship worsened due to the iron position of Shakira of wanting to move to the state United with their two children, who have a very strong bond with their paternal grandparents and now they will only see them every summer.

The decisions that Shakira made were not what the grandparents expected, who since then have lost all kinds of communication with the Colombian.

For their part, Jacob and Monserrat have shown that they get along wonderfully with Clara Chia Marti, Piqué’s new girlfriend and something that Shakira does not like very much, since the interpreter has sought all possible ways so that her children do not have communication with the woman who was unfaithful to her.

possible attitudes Shakira They are not new, since for years there have been rumors that the athlete’s parents did not have very good communication with the artist because she was allegedly very “hateful and contemptuous.”