A partner and friend of Gerard Piqué got an amusing reaction with a final comment of “rest in peace» towards the player, after watching the recent Shakira music video.

The recent song of Shakira It has become the number one trend since yesterday, the day it was released, the song has been the accomplice to generate millions of memes and mockery of Gerard Piqué, accused of being unfaithful to the singer after a 12-year relationship.

And just as various public figures have reacted to the video, this time Piqué’s friend is clearly surprised by the quality of the song and the good lyrics it has, despite the fact that it is an offense to his friend Piqué.

Is about Ibaí Llanoswho normally must react to all the songs of the Argentine producer bizarre. The commentator, this time through his Twitch channel, has not stopped smiling and containing the grief of others, after Shakira in three short minutes attacked Gerard strongly.

«Man, it has flow, it has vibes»was her first impression, however, when she heard a part of the song in which the Colombian assures that she no longer cries, but rather bills, Ibaí commented: «Noooo! What is this nonsense?«.

Then at the end and after reacting to each verse of the song, the content creator said goodbye with a message for Piqué amid his constant laughter, “Rest in peace, Gerard Piqué» was the final comment. The reaction has generated smiles and some mockery from her followers, because apparently this time the singer went very far.