The former footballer Gerard Piqué He is struck down on social networks after agreeing with his ex-partner, and changing a car Ferrari for a brand Twingo.

In recent days the relationship Shakira with Gerard he has given a lot to talk about, after learning about the infidelity that the player committed, and after Shakira made a song where without a doubt the main theme is him, and his current girlfriend Clara Chia.

the song called Music Session #53is a convincing attack on the new couple, here Shakira refers to her ex-husband as a person who should work his brain, in addition to exercising his normal gym routine, and clearly the singer’s followers agree with him.

The fans also lash out at Piqué and consider him a bit “rough”, once again agreeing with the Barranquillera and changing a Ferrari for a less prestigious car, a Twingo, this making reference to the singer’s song where in a stanza He says: “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo«.

This is because in previous days the player was seen arriving in a Twingo brand car at the headquarters of kings league, adding more fuel to the fire. Fans claim that she performs these actions to show Shakira that her words do not matter to her, but in reality it is quite the opposite.

The critics did not wait, so today the social networks mock and infuriate against the former defense of the Barcelona.