The Colombian singer and businesswoman, Shakiraand the former soccer player Gerard Piquéthey ended their relationship that lasted a little more than 12 years, where neither of them has spoken publicly about this unfortunate event, but lately Piqué has given something to talk about his current relationship with Shakira.

Despite the numerous controversies and rumors that have been created around the breakdown of the marriage of both stars, recently the former defender of the FC Barcelona has been invited to an interview with the content creator John Nelliswhere Gerard Piqué spoke about his ex-partner Shakira.

And it is that the interview was mostly about his previous professionwhere he was asked what his ideal team would be to form his soccer team, and about which players he believed were the best defenders, among other questions of the trade, to which Piqué named several of his FC teammates barcelona like Carles Puyol, Messiamong others.

But John Nellis could not resist the temptation to ask Gerard Piqué something related to Shakira, although he did not do it directly, clearly this was the intention and before Piqué could finish answering his previous question about his dream soccer team, he is interrupted And asks: “What is the most famous non-football contact you have?«. To which the controversial ex-soccer player replies: «Maybe I would say that Shakira, who was my partner«.

Following this, Gerard Piqué tries to prevent further discussion of the subject and quickly changes the path of the conversation, but making it clear that he still has contact with Shakira.