The Spanish soccer player is asking for a sum of money as a condition from his ex-wife, in order to let her go to the USA along with his two children.

According to the program the hot table of the chain Telemundo, Pique would have changed his position about refusing to accept that Shakira moved to Miami, United States, with his two children, and now he would be willing to sign the permits, with two non-negotiable conditions. One of them has left severe criticism, since he has to do with money.

What have been these two conditions? The first is that it guarantees five first class tickets per year to visit and be close to the children and the second, the one that has left the most talk, a fixed amount of 400,000 dollars to pay an old debt that the soccer player of the Barcelona Fc have.

Thus, at least for the moment, Shakira and Piqué would move away, beyond the plan hatched by their parents to try to reconcile the two personalities.

Social networks have expressed their disagreement in the last condition that Piqué has set, since he has put economic interest ahead of his children, condemning his position of giving in solely based on that deal with his ex-wife.

And you, do you think that the last condition that Piqué has set is not entirely pleasant?