The ex-footballer of FC Barcelona, Gerard Piqué he was taking a walk through the streets of Barcelona with his current partner Clara Chia Martiwhen a reporter from a Spanish entertainment medium intercepted them to ask them a series of questions.

The former defender responded elusively, trying to evade the reporterPiqué begins to walk faster, leaving behind his girlfriend, who was seen to be a bit uncomfortable by the style of shoes she was wearing and not being able to keep up with her, Piqué, grabs her arm and pulls her, making her crash into a sign that was on the sidewalk, the reporter continued to follow them and while doing so, he was throwing several questions at the couple, which of course were ignored.

Here you can see the video:

After the scandalous attack against the sign that Clara Chia Martí had, Gerard Piqué could not contain his laughter and began to laugh all the way. Meanwhile, Clara only hid her face with her hand, and of course, after a tremendous blow, she shame it would be hard to contain.

In the end, the reporter would not achieve his main objective of receiving the answers he wanted, but the attempt to get the controversial couple to talk was not entirely in vain, since he managed to capture the sultry moment, which it caused in the first place.