The fans of the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, They have released a song to respond to Shakira and his controversial musical session with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’ where he threw hard darts at his ex already Clara Chia Marti, the woman he replaced her with.

Piqué’s fans have been very active and have created a song to throw at Shakira, whose title is already a statement of intent, as it is aimed at the real accusations against the Colombian about her fraud with the Spanish Tax Agency, who accuses her of having evaded more than 14 million euros in taxes.

With a good improvisation, the fans of the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc, they have taken on the task of writing a whole letter full of hard darts against the intro of ‘Waka waka’:

If you pay the Treasury, you are left with nothing

Come declare

Only you, the most stung cat

I’m 10 rolex can i throw one

A little Chia for your breakfast

I’ve been with her since I was 21

me with a Twingo I shot 22

I got bingo, I left like a boss

A Rolex for Monday

Casio for Sunday

Better not cry to me, I’m not the same anymore

You just want to be the center of attention

You moved the king, I’m not the pawn

Since you’re gone, I’m better

I’m not going back even if it costs a million

Lots of blah blah behind the screen

I don’t care about your size if you don’t give the size

Women invoice, but you do not declare

Come, declare…

Only you, the most stung cat

It’s not a replacement, it’s an upgrade.

I see in my Casio that your time is coming

stop playing and give me the ball

Envy is noticeable, it devours you

Clearly, you’re not worth anything anymore

A real wolf, she has a pack

You will have to watch from the stands

If you are going to invoice, also declare…

The video has more than one hundred thousand reproductions on the platform Youtube, and it has not yet been fully discovered by the fans of Shakira, who have not hesitated to attack Piqué and Clara Chia Martí.