The former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué he would be engaging in somewhat unpleasant behavior with his children Sasha Y Milan. This could be coming from thinking only about his new girlfriend and who he switched to. Shakira, the young Clara Chia Marti.

The separation of Pique with the singer Shakira, is a topic that continues to generate a lot of controversy in all the media, mainly because they both have two children in between and the terrible way in which they currently get along could affect the feelings of the children.

And it seems that he Catalan He has already been demonstrating the attitudes he has had in recent days with his two children. Many claim that these attitudes are caused by all the attention that she now gives to her new girlfriend Clara Chia, a young woman who has not yet been seen having a good relationship with Sasha and Milan.

As reported by the newspaper The Universal, the former soccer player Barcelona Fc He has had some gestures that have given something to talk about, since he has not been seen behaving in the best way with his two children.

In one of the pick-ups for her children at Shakira’s house in Barcelona, Piqué looked at his cell phone while he waited for the two little ones to get to the car. In a matter of minutes, his eldest son Milan appeared, who entered the vehicle, but unpleasantly, Piqué only received an outrageous “hello”, without even taking his eyes off his cell phone, where it is presumed he was busy talking with Clara Chia.

These situations would not bring much joy to Shakira, who is very aware that their children are not mistreated by their father and none of their relatives.

And you, what do you think of the attitude of Gerard Piqué with his two sons?