Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend the model Clara Chia, they would be planning the farewell of the year 2022 With a family dinner, the couple hopes to reunite their two families.

What raises doubts among Spanish followers and media is whether this meeting of the two families would be the moment they were waiting for to make an announcement.

After the separation between the Colombian singer came to light Shakira and former player of Barcelona, Gerard Piqué for his infidelity with Clara Chia, He did not see any drawbacks with continuing his relationship with the model, and showing it off in all his outings.

And although controversies and separations of the couple have been rumored, apparently their plans say the opposite, now the couple will reunite their two families in order to spend a year-end in harmony and serenity.

Pique Since the beginning of their relationship, he has been very excited about the model, so he does not hesitate to have luxurious details with her, such as the trip to Prague at Christmas and the plans for Europe.

For these details, Clara Chia He wanted to return the favor and is doing everything possible to bring the two families together for a Christmas dinner, which of course the footballer paid for, of which it is estimated that he spent approximately two thousand euros.

However, the media point out that possibly at that family dinner the couple have something to announce to their familiesAlthough it was also stated that it would be a dinner to thank the people who have believed in their true love and have supported their relationship.

For now, it is expected if the couple would really have a thank you dinner, or if they have any news to clarify.