The soccer player Spanish would have finally accepted that his now ex-wife, go to live with their children to Miami, but all based on a money agreement.

In the last edition of the program En boca de todos, more details were revealed about the end of the relationship between the footballer of the Barcelona F.C. Gerard Pique and the Colombian artist Shakira. But above all, part of the agreement on the custody of his two minor children was disclosed.

However, the international correspondent left everyone in shock with the claims that Piqué gave in to Shakira’s requests to take their two children to live in Miami, United States, money exchange.

“Gerard Piqué is a businessman, in fact for many years he has stood out more for his business facet than as a footballer… this decision he has made, because everyone as a father expected a little more fight because if you are a good father expect to have your children around,” the correspondent said.

“It is true that the Spanish law protects mothers more, but we all expected a greater fight, but with money everything has been solved, I believe in the emotional message because the priority is the children, but whenever there is money involved, Piqué he will always choose money before family,” he added. Roberto Antolin.

This agreement would be an old debt that Piqué would have, valued at more than two million dollars. It was also ruled that the soccer player will visit his two children 5 times a year in Miami, and that Shakira will cover the costs of air tickets for these trips.