Pilot Belenko, who hijacked a Soviet fighter to Japan, died in the United States

IN USA the pilot died in September Victor Belenkowho stole a MiG-25 interceptor fighter from the USSR in Japan. Obituary appeared in The Washington Post a couple of weeks after his death.

In November, the death of a 76-year-old defector wrote New York Times publication. The pilot died on September 24, 2023, after a brief illness at a nursing home in Southern Illinois.

Next to him were his sons Tom and Paul. The publication reported that Belenko would be missed by his “American comrades,” but no memorial service was held.

Soviet pilot stole to Japan the MiG-25 in 1976, allowing the United States to evaluate the fighter’s capabilities, in particular the limited radar detection capabilities of targets in the lower hemisphere.

Belenko received political asylum in the United States and subsequently American citizenship, he started a new family, consulted with the authorities and defense companies.

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