The autobiographical book prince harry Sparehas been a real storm for the British royal family, since its publication almost a month ago, criticism and scandals involving members of the royal family, including Prince Harry’s own brother, the prince william.

He duke of wales It has been the target of many criticisms and one of them recently became a trend with the dissemination of a series of photographs that recreate the strong fight between the brothers described in the book.

The fight describes a confrontation inside the house in which Prince William grabbed his brother by the neck and shoved him to the ground, before hitting the dog bowl and telling him “stay right there and don’t talk about my wife again”.

The images of this alleged fight have gone viral on social networks thanks to the British photographic artist Alison Jackson, who recreated the scene with doubles. The controversial fight between the brothers has intensified even more with the dissemination of these photographs by many media, quickly becoming a trend in the networks and in the media.

At a time when the royal family is already in the public eye due to the scandals described in the memoir of the prince harry, these images have further increased the intensity of the controversy and criticism against him. Without a doubt, the royal family has a difficult road ahead in trying to restore its reputation and credibility with the public around the world.