There are rumors that BTS’s Jimin will do a collaboration with Taeyang from BIG BANG, This news has excited the fandom of both groups, although nothing is yet confirmed by both artists or agencies.

January 2023 will be a big month for the fandom of both groups. VIP’s Y ARMY, since apparently they could reach their greatest collaboration to date.

On January 2, Korean time, the member of BIG BANG He uploaded two photos of him working in the studio, and it is believed that in one of the posted photos, the one who appears is Jimin, although the publication does not affirm anything itself, the only thing we can find is the hashtag #2023 and the hashtag @theblacklabelbut what totally caught the attention of army was the position of the one who accompanied the member of BIG BANG.

So netizens started to compare the pose of the person in the studio and came to the conclusion that it is the favorite pose of Jimin.

Fans believe the photos hint at the idol’s long-awaited solo album. og which was reported in December 2022 and they believe that global superstar Jimin will be on the highly anticipated album.

ARMY also argued that the hand that can be seen in the photo was similar to that of Jimin and speculated that the black veiled man was actually the member of BTS.