Paper readers report difficulty getting around the city due to poor street cleaning. Thus, it was difficult for residents of St. Petersburg to cross Moskovsky Prospekt. According to them, it is advisable to grab a boat for this.

Video: Paper reader.

Problems were also encountered on Veteranov Avenue. Judging by the video that readers sent us, in order to go down into the underpass near the Prospect Veteranov station, you need to be very careful.

Video: Paper reader.

A resident of the Vasileostrovsky district noticed that, despite the fact that the road is being cleaned on Zheleznovodskaya Street, the mud and snow are not taken away, but dumped on the lawn. From the conversation between the reader and the employees of the Center, which he filmed on a video that he sent to Paper, it follows that women do not have a car for this. Judging by what was said in the video, they will remove the snow before the end of today.

What you need to know. A few days ago Smolny commented snow removal in St. Petersburg. They said that due to the fact that it snowed for two days in a row with short breaks, the cleaned street could be covered with snow in 15 minutes. Therefore, it is “quite difficult” to evaluate the quality of cleaning.

We also remind you that this weekend the housing committee promised clear yards of snow before snowfall early next week. chief forecaster of the city toldthat from December 12 in St. Petersburg there will be heavy rainfall.

Cover photo: Paper reader.

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