By data studies by Alexei Bessudnov, after February 24, at least 9,592 Russian soldiers were killed as a result of hostilities. The average number of deaths from one region of Russia is 110 people.

At the same time, there are significantly fewer Petersburgers who died: information was found about 72 people, in the Leningrad Region – about 71. As a result, in terms of the number of military dead, Petersburg occupies the penultimate place in Russia – less than only in Moscow.

Such indicators are due to the fact that in St. Petersburg and Moscow, relative to other regions, there is a higher level of income, writes Bessudnov. “At the regional level, the strongest predictor military deaths – the percentage of the population with incomes below the subsistence level. Men from poor regions are more likely to serve in the army – this is typical not only for Russia, ”the researcher notes.

median the age of the dead Petersburgers is 29 years, and the average is 32 years. The youngest victim was 19-year-old Yegor Vodyannikov. In social networks publish his photographs are next to a road sign that leads to Kharkov.

The oldest victim, Vadim Frolov, was 55 years old. The male had rank of major general, he was buried at the Serafimovsky cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Volunteers also managed to collect information about the education of some of the dead. Most Petersburgers had a higher military education. At the same time, at least five people decided to go to the service immediately after graduating from the 11th grade of the school.

One of the dead was a conscript sailor from the cruiser Moskva.

Most of the victims among the Russian military were at the beginning of the conflict, follows from data Alexey Bessudnov. In the spring, 26 Petersburgers died during the hostilities, in the summer – 22. In the autumn, despite the mobilization, the death toll did not increase significantly.

In the summer, recruited prisoners appeared among the dead. In early July, the Important Stories edition reportedthat Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner PMC began recruiting prisoners for the war in Ukraine. The military company promises convicts release from prison immediately after military service.

On July 14, it became known about the death of prisoner Konstantin Tulinov. The Vesti program showed an excerpt from Nikita Mikhalkov’s BesogonTV program, in which the director presented him as a hero, writes “North. Realities”. According to Mikhalkov, in the spring Tulinov “submitted a petition with a request to send him to the front.”

In total, at least four prisoners from St. Petersburg who died in Ukraine are known.