Peskov explained the lack of details about Putin’s visit to the Northern Military District zone

Details of the visit by the Russian President Vladimir Putin special military operation (SVO) zones are not disclosed, as this is military classified information, his press secretary said Dmitry Peskov. Writes about this RIA News.

He answered a question from journalists about why the head of state’s recent visit to the headquarters of the Southern Military District (SMD) in Rostov-on-Don was reported without additional details.

“Of course, this is military information, it is closed. It cannot be more detailed,” a Kremlin spokesman explained the lack of details. When asked whether he himself visits the NWO zone, Peskov answered negatively.

Previously Putin toldWhat Russia started SVO on Ukrainebecause she had no other choice. According to him, the Russian side was forced to “uncover the machine gun” because at that time it had already been attacked.

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