December 17, 2022, 02:15 – Public News Service – OSN

Permanent Mission RF under the EU, the next, already the ninth package directed against the Russian Federation sanctions The measures were convicted of not having a sufficient degree of legitimacy, and pointed to the fact that it is extremely at odds with the way relations between state entities are built in the areas of finance and trade.

The department paid special attention to the fact that the imposition of restrictions turned out to be the closest way for the European Union to exert pressure in the field of foreign policy.

“It is obvious to everyone that the goal pursued by the European Union – putting pressure on sovereign states – and the means to achieve it are illegitimate,” reads the text of a publication distributed on the website of the official organization.

In addition to this fact, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation shared the opinion that these sanctions measures do not meet the most important WTO rules.

Recall that the European Union has expanded the effect of restrictions on three more Russian banks. According to the media, within the framework of the sanctions were frozen the assets of two private banks, and the subsidiary bank “Rosneft” have limited operations.

It is noted that two private banks came under restrictions due to the fact that they worked “in the financial services sector, which is strategic for the Russian economy.” According to experts, sanctions pressure on Russian banks is used as an influence on their owners.

Earlier, as the Public News Service reported, in the Council European Union published a document according to which the next sanctions imply a ban for Europeans to work in Russian state-owned companies in high positions.