In the capital will be remembered at the National Monument to Vtkov. In addition to President Zeman, Petr Fiala (ODS), Sent and House Chairs Milo Vystril (ODS) and Markta Pekarov Adamov (TOP 09), Minister of Defense Jana Ernochov (ODS) and General tbu Ale Abbot.

Around the second hour in the afternoon, Prime Minister Fiala, representatives of the Parliament, the army, Prague and the Czechoslovak community legion the memory of the fallen Ukrainian soldiers of the Red Army and the victims of the Prague Uprising in the Olan cemeteries. The act is also defended by the Ukrainians, who left Ukraine due to the invasion of Russia and poured temporary fists in Prague.

Several days of the Freedom Festival culminated in Pilsen on Sunday. From 11:00, a number of military historical vehicles with a pellet of period aircraft will be ready in the city center.

In Velichovky in the Nchod region, the traditional events of the Velichovka Mission take place, which commemorates the journey of the American unit, which went from Pilsen to Velichovky on May 8, 1945, where it wanted to deliver a decision on the surrender of German troops to German Marshal Ferdinand Schrner. Visitors can take part in advanced historical military technology, military corps, craft markets and long days for children.

The exhibition of historical technology and a convoy of military vehicles will be on display in the afternoon at the Freedom Bridge in Brno.

In Lety na Psecku, where a group of Roma was concentrated as a kind of world of wolves, the people will remember the memory of Roma and Jewish victims of Nazism in the afternoon.

In Velké Popovice in the Brno region, he again unveils a memorial plaque at the birthplace of RAF pilot Karel Batelka.

Remembrance of the end of the world of wolves is going, among others, in Pardubice, Czech Budjovice, Liberec, Znojmo, St. Nad Orlic and Czech Lp.

In the vicinity of the Sunday state, which reminds of the end of the world of wolves in Europe, the people can see the buildings of the Chamber of Deputies and Sent. They can thus enter Hrznský inch, which serves as a substitute for the government. The tours of Bene’s villa in Sezimovo st. The two open days take place at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA).

Today, the public of Hrznskho palka in Loretnsk Street will see me for the first time this year. Its history is connected with you by the builder Petr Parl, and in it the first Czechoslovak president Tom Garrigue Masaryk. At present, it serves as a representative of the Prime Minister and as a substitute member of the Government. Guided tours start at 9:00, the last group will go on a sightseeing tour at 16:00.

At the same time, the otherwise inaccessible premises of Valdtejnsk and Kolovratsk thumbs, where Sent said, as well as the Chamber of Deputies will be opened. The representative of the Chamber, the meeting rooms and the offices of some parliamentary committees and other premises of the lower house will be accessible from the entrance from the Lesser Town.

The groups will be accompanied by Prague City Tourism’s first-handers, who will provide guests with an overview of the building’s history, architectural attractions and their current use during a roughly hour-long tour. In the parliamentary spheres before the meeting, the people will be able to see an idea about the building development of the interior and construction of the Thunov inch, ie the main building of the Chamber of Deputies.

In Wallenstein’s thumb, the pedestrian can view the Main, Rytská and Audienn s, the Mythological Corridor or the meeting room, which was created in the city of the former Duke Albrecht of Wallenstein. In Kolovratsky thumbs, they will see, among other things, the Rovho and Green Halls, where the First Republic government met and where in 1938 it was acquainted with the text of the Munich Agreement on the occupation of the Czechoslovak border by Nazi Germany.

The building of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Na Ponm prvu Street is a part of the Prask Memorial Reserve, which is on the UNESCO list. The first tour, during which the participants learn a lot about the history of the building and the ministry itself, starts at 9:00, and then they will follow every quarter of an hour. The last opportunity to stop the tour will be at 15:30.

Give mom

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, which can honor all mothers. Mother’s Day is remembered around the world, but due to different traditions and history, it is celebrated in different countries on different dates, in Czech it is the second Sunday in May, according to the American model. The world was officially recognized in the USA in 1914, in Czechoslovakia it has been celebrated since 1923 and its promoter was Alice Masarykov.

In addition to the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece dedicate you to the second Sunday in May.

Both the thermal celebrations and the style in which honor and gratitude of mothers are expressed are appropriate. But the most common way is a gifted small piece. Children usually make their own kicks, star vol for example a box of chocolates or a flower. In some countries, it is customary to invite you to a family party. So often on the day of the celebrations, family members free their mothers from housework and give them a bed. In Nepl, the tradition focuses on deceased mothers.

According to the Czech statistical series, a small number of children were born last year in the Czech Republic, although the number of children in the reproductive age has fallen again. The number of births was a reflection of fertility, which according to preliminary results in 2021 was the highest in the last 30 years. It climbed to 1.83 children per woman of reproductive age, said Michaela Nmekov from the Department of Demographic Statistics S. The number of second-born children was added to the number, while the first-born and children of this age and higher were lower than in 2020.

The history of the Mother’s Day is associated with the American activist Julia Ward Howe, who in 1870 called for unification against the wolves in her Mother’s Day. Anna Marie Jarvisov, who fought for his official recognition, then became the founder of the Mother’s Day. The joint proposal of the US Congress in 1914 was approved by President Woodrow Wilson.

For the second time in the world, the wolf was gradually pushed into the background in what was then Czechoslovakia by the International Day (MD) celebrations celebrated on the 8th day. The Czech Republic was revived to celebrate the Mother’s Day after the November Revolution. Among the official holidays in the calendar Mother’s Day in Czech does not belong. Father’s Day then falls on this Sunday in June.