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For some categories, payments will increase.

The Pension Fund of Ukraine will recalculate pensions from December 1: what will change

Pensions will be transferred in Ukraine
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The Pension Fund of Ukraine from December 1 this year will recalculate the pensions of citizens. This was reported by the press service of the Fund.

Recalculation of pensions is carried out according to the following reasons:

  • Raising the living wage for people who have lost their ability to work from UAH 2027 to UAH 2093;
  • Establishment of the minimum pension payment for unemployed people with a full insurance period (30/35 years for women/men, respectively) under the age of 70, receiving “insurance” pensions, at the level of UAH 2,500 or in proportion to the existing insurance period, based on the amount of UAH 2,500;
  • Changes in the indicator of the average wage used in calculating disability and survivor’s pensions for participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and disabled members of their families.

The payouts that are set to rise are shown in the following infographic:

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As a reminder, according to the new legislation some women can increase the number of pension supplements.

Prepared by: Artem Rudenko

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