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Pedro Pascal was spat on after being involved in a car incident in the United States

The famous actor Pedro Pascal had recently revealed that he suffered a terrible and embarrassing incident, when a stranger spat at him on the highway in the United States, apparently without any valid reason.

The anecdote has come to light, after the actor was invited to tell his most important acting anecdotes and was interviewed in the new section called ” Actors on Actors ” of the important magazine Variety, there, apart from telling his anecdotes, he revealed that he had been involved in an incident that disturbs him to this day.

In this interview, Pedro Pascal together with the actor Steven Yeun, revealed their most relevant anecdotes and acting experiences, and even amid their revelations, the two had reported living a very similar moment, Yeun in the recordings of The Walking Dead series and Chilean actor in real life.

Pedro Pascal revealed that one normal day he was driving through Los Angeles with his sister, and cut off a driver who did not let him move forward, possibly because he was taking care of his movements behind the wheel, however, the driver finally managed to catch up with him and when he was going passing by he spat at the window of Pascal’s car: “ I cut someone off, and when I look up there is a big drop of saliva dripping down the window ”.

Pedro expressed ” he spat at me I was really in shock, but it didn’t cause me any anger, it just humiliated me and shocked me, also the incident scared me a bit, the truth disturbed me, I was like wow

The incident that has caused a stir in the world of entertainment is still difficult for Pedro Pascal to assimilate, who commented that he does not understand what is happening to people to have this kind of violent behavior for no reason.

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