Líšeň footballers
| photo: Martin Tajč

Only goalkeeper Smrkovský lay on the grass, who fell after hitting Jeřábek in a futile attempt to prevent him from changing the direction of the flying ball out of his reach. No one even writhed in pain or complained about illegal intervention in the field. The goalkeeper’s contact with Jeřábek came only after the midfielder touched the ball. The guests rejoiced, the hosts had their heads down on the lawn.

Still whistling. Probably everyone asked about the foul Na Litavce, but only judge Adámková has the answer. Goalkeeper Smrkovský also offered his variant. “My dude walked into me there. The foul is probably well whistled, “said the goalkeeper for Příbram’s Deník.

Before the standard, guest coach Milan Valachovič advised Málek closely how to play the event. He didn’t start rejoicing until the ball was swinging in the net. But he seemed to know what would happen next. He just lowered his hands back and left with a twisted head.

The forward Martin Zikl, who shared the video of Kamil Janšta from Dukla Praha, who complained about the referees in 1993 with a now legendary message, at least described what he thinks about it in the cabin of the Brno team. “It is not possible for our league referees to show. It’s sad, but this is a smirk, a clearly influenced match, “he said angrily into the microphones after the match against Baník Ostrava. Zikl and the whole of Líšeň certainly feels great wrong.

It was already speculated in the corridors before the match that Líšeň was an uninvited guest of the play, because it is still a small club with a big dream, not a budget and facilities. Such a decision will certainly not add to the atmosphere of sports fighting on lawns.

Líšeň thus fell outside the barracks. Two matches before the end, she lacks a point for the third Opava, and two points for the second Vlašim. “It simply came to our notice then. We are certainly not afraid to say that we want to play the playoffs, “Faith does not leave. Already on Wednesday, the Sparta Prague reserve will stand in front of the cameras of ČT Sport.