Pech, just mastered the Valaská Rally, is at the forefront of the water short test. Like Kopeck, he has won three stages so far, while he has built a decisive jump in the second and fourth special stages, defeating his longtime rival by seven seconds.

Even the second place, however, will make Kopecký in the lead, Pech’s results do not get into the absolute MR classification, or he starts with a WRC car. After the Wallachian Rally, Filip Mare was in the lead series, but the season is at stake.

Rallye umava Klatovy

competition of championships R in car competitions

After the 1st stage: 1. Pech, Uhel (Ford Focus WRC) 52: 31.4, 2. Kopeck, Hlouek (Fabia Rally2 Evo code) -11.8, 3. Sttesk, Hovorka (Fabia R5 code) -53.4. 4. Mare, Bucha (Fabia Rally2 Evo code) -1: 00.0, 5. Bezk, Kraja (Fabia Rally2 Evo code) -1: 27.3, 6. Cvrek, Novk (Fabia Rally2 Evo code) -1: 57 , 7.