He was a dda who couldn’t be a dda. He didn’t have it, she revealed Pavlna Wolfov O Frantiku Filipovskm v poadu Povdej. The famous Czech actor and dabr died in the dark twenty-nine years ago. His grandson still remembers the bag together for a while in the smallest detail.

At the time of the holidays, he made mm parka and went on holiday with them. It was a fortress party and it was great with him. He always looked carefree and was very positive, optimistic and very funny. We haven’t seen him in his life to be angry, to be spilled, or to recall, he remembers the news.

When he did, I heard a lot of bad things about him. But I kept the memory of him as I knew him, she admitted. The last year of his life with him she lived in one apartment. He left the party in a strange way, Wolfov agreed that Filipovsk had stopped talking.


I don’t know what will happen to an actor who suddenly can’t use what he’s used all his life. And he really knew how to do it, he was always as ashamed in the theater as he was out loud. And then he was just as loud on the subway or tram, with the laughter of Pavlna Wolfov.

When he stopped talking, he started to be disoriented and went to bed. It was a party for a year. that it comes to an end, we all got married, but no one could imagine it. I remember like today, when that time I worked as an elv on Czechoslovak television and they came to me on television to honor me that he could. To this day, it’s one of the biggest things I’ve ever met in my life, the novelty admitted.