Pavel Malkov met with leaders of Ryazan veteran organizations

On August 3, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov met at the House of Public Organizations with leaders and representatives of veteran organizations. The meeting participants, who themselves are combat veterans, asked the head of the region questions on behalf of many Ryazan residents.

“You represent organizations that bring together many caring people,” he addressed the audience. Pavel Malkov. – I know that you have many projects, real, live ones. You help people, give them legal protection, work with young people, preserve historical memory. You interact with the authorities of the region, for us it is important and valuable. You try to get to the bottom of everyone’s problems. I thank you for this great work. You have a very difficult experience behind you – peacekeeping missions, hot spots. You participated in the most important events of our country.

Your experience can be especially useful in these days of the NWO, when the collective West is against trying to cross out our culture, destroy traditions, rewrite history. You help unite the nation. For his part, he is always ready for interaction, to develop the support measures that are required.”

Alexander Kostrov, Chairman of the Ryazan regional branch of the All-Russian public movement of veterans of local wars and military conflicts “Combat Brotherhood” said that two important organizations suspended their activities in the region several years ago: the Public Fund for Veterans under the Government of the Ryazan Region and the Commission for Patriotic Education of the Ryazan Region. “These are two platforms where any painful issues that concern veterans can be discussed. These organizations are very necessary,” Alexander Nikolayevich emphasized and suggested resuming their work.

“I will support the proposal, we will come out with such an initiative. I fully agree that it is necessary to restart the work of these sites,” agreed Pavel Malkov.

Valery Konopatsky, participant in hostilities in Afghanistan and the North Caucasus, chairman of the Ryazan City Council of Veterans, spoke about his organization. It has 137 thousand citizens – residents of Ryazan. 98 veterans who fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War remained in the city, 107 – other participants in the war. Valery Ivanovich drew the attention of the acting director to the problem of parking for veterans and the disabled. He said that it is impossible to use such parking spaces, as they are constantly occupied by other drivers.

The acting governor replied that he would instruct the head of the administration of Ryazan, Elena Sorokina, and the regional Ministry of Transport to think about how to put things in order in the field of parking control. “I am against paid parking,” he said. “But people shouldn’t park where they can’t. You need a control system. At a minimum, the registry of cars with disabilities. There is also a need for means of control – from mobile points to the provision of technical means to people who will walk around and take pictures.”

Svyatoslav Golubyatnikov, chairman of the public organization of veteran paratroopers “Experience of Generations”, said that the organization faced a very serious and urgent problem. In our region there are wounded soldiers and officers, members of the SVO, who were not operated on properly. There are more than ten such people in the region. They have to go to the authorities in an attempt to get the necessary medical care. “The district military hospital lacks medical specialists and the necessary equipment. They can’t perform a complicated operation, they also can’t give a referral,” said Svyatoslav Nikolayevich. He asked the acting governor to help the military to be operated on at the Design Bureau or the Emergency Hospital, where doctors can perform the most complex operations.

“I was in a military hospital, it really leaves a depressing impression,” Pavel Malkov commented on the question. He specified that there are plans to build a new hospital in Ryazan. Construction has already begun, but was suspended in 2015. The head of the region also asked Svyatoslav Nikolaevich to compile a detailed list of Ryazan residents wounded in the NMD who needed treatment. In it, indicate what kind of treatment or operation is needed. For each case, a solution will be found on an individual basis.

At the meeting, many more proposals were made: to create a short film about each dead Ryazan soldier; install a sign for all combatants in the Special Military Operation; introduce a single day of war veterans in the region.

Pavel Malkov treated each such request carefully. “We will try to understand and understand each problem,” he assured the veterans.