Pavel Malkov holds working meetings with members of the Government of the region

Acting Governor Pavel Malkov held working meetings with First Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government Anna Roslyakova and Deputy Chairman Yevgeny Belenetsky.

Pavel Malkov discussed with Anna Roslyakova the socio-political situation in the region, the development of municipalities and interaction with public organizations.

Yevgeny Belenetsky, in turn, spoke about the progress of road repairs, work in the field of housing construction, and the implementation of a program for resettlement from emergency housing. They discussed the problems of housing and communal services and plans for the modernization of the water supply system in the districts.

Special attention was paid to the implementation of national projects. Evgeny Belenetsky informed Pavel Malkov about the construction progress of each social facility. Among the most important is the main medical building of the Ryazan Oncological Dispensary. Finishing work is being completed there, equipment is being purchased. According to Yevgeny Belenetsky, 12 FAPs and one outpatient clinic are also planned to be commissioned this year in the regions. This will increase the availability of medical care for residents of remote villages. In addition, the construction of three sports and recreation complexes began in the region.

Pavel Malkov emphasized that all work must be carried out on schedule, without failures. Problems that arise need to be addressed promptly.

“Everything that is planned must be delivered on time and with good quality,” said Pavel Malkov.

Working meetings of Pavel Malkov with members of the regional government continue.