Pavel Malkov about Kashirinsky beach in Alexander Nevsky: More such objects should appear in the region

The Kashirinsky beach in Alexander Nevsky began to be landscaped in 2019 under the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”. Now the residents of the village have a comfortable beautiful recreation area. Adults and children come here with pleasure. People come here to relax even from neighboring regions.

The beach area was cleared of bushes and trees, stumps were uprooted. Walking paths were arranged on the shore, cabanas for changing clothes were installed. There are benches and lanterns. Sports grounds have been set up for children. There is even a dock for boats. The cost of the project is more than 14 million rubles. Of these, 10.5 million are the funds of the regional budget, about 700 thousand – local and about three million – extra-budgetary funds.

On August 4, during a working visit to the Alexander Nevsky District, he was examined by the Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region, Pavel Malkov.

Pavel Malkov:

“The beach is beautiful. This is an example of what should appear throughout the area. Personally, I really miss this in Ryazan. It seems not such a resource-intensive project, it is not so difficult to make it. But at the same time, rest by the water is very important for all residents. I myself wanted to swim on this beach. The beach will continue to develop. We talked with the head of the district that there will be a large convenient parking lot. Our task is to have more such objects in the region.”