Pavel Malkov on visiting Sapozhkovsky CSC: Long-term care program needs to be replicated

On Monday, August 1, during a working trip to the Sapozhkovsky District, the Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region, Pavel Malkov, visited the Sapozhkovsky Center for Comprehensive Public Services.

The director of the center, Pavel Zharikov, led the acting governor through the premises. The head of the region looked at the equipped classrooms, witnessed creative and sports activities with the wards – the elderly and children. Left a comment in the visitor’s book.

In 2019, the Sapozhkovsky KTSSON was included in a pilot project to create a long-term care system. This system is designed to improve the quality of life of the elderly and disabled, to provide them with full-fledged care in their familiar home environment.

For three years, the Sapozhkovsky KTSSON created services for escorting citizens in need of care and home care assistants. We opened a day care department for the elderly and disabled with mental health problems. Also, a rental point for technical means of rehabilitation began to operate.
The center trained 82 people in home care skills. 127 people with limited mobility now have access to the “panic button”. 206 people have already received rehabilitation facilities for free use. 342 people used the opportunity to visit the day care department.

Pavel Malkov:

“The center evokes only the most positive emotions. It can be seen that not just money was spent and equipment was purchased. It can be seen that it all works, everything is done with a soul. Every corner has some meaning, some idea. Such an approach commands only respect.
Of course, the long-term care program shows its best side, it needs to be replicated in every possible way.”