December 16, 2022, 09:49 – Public News Service – OSN

War correspondent Alexander Sladkov shared his opinion that the American Patriot air defense systems will not be able to protect the infrastructure APU and energy facilities from strikes.

According to Sladkov, Patriot will not be a panacea for missile strikes and Geran-2 kamikaze drones. There is a possibility that sending these complexes will eventually bring reputational damage to themselves Statessince these air defense systems have a reputation as practically a “wonder weapon” capable of shooting down any targets.

Patriot could be an excellent target for Russian cruise missiles, the military commander is sure.

Recall that on February 24, Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced the start of military special operations in Ukraine.

Previously, retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter warned about the consequences of the transfer of the Patriot air defense system to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will need months of preparation, and on American soil. According to Ritter, the system is very difficult to manage.

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