Pashinyan announced agreement on the basic principles of peace with Azerbaijan

Prime Minister Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced the agreement of the basic principles of peace with Azerbaijan at the opening ceremony of the autumn session of the Parliamentary Assembly OSCE V Yerevan. However Baku has not yet confirmed its commitment to the three principles, reports RIA News.

“The basic principles of peace have been agreed upon with Azerbaijan. This happened as a result of my meetings in Brussels with the President of Azerbaijan [Ильхама Алиева] through the mediation of the chairman European Council Charles Michel“, Pashinyan said. He added that the agreements were recorded in statements by the President of the European Council following trilateral meetings in May and July 2023.

The Prime Minister also clarified that Armenia and Azerbaijan still speak different diplomatic languages ​​and often experience misunderstandings. In his opinion, there are objective reasons for this, including a long conflict, thousands of victims, dozens of captives and an “atmosphere of hatred” that lasted for many years.

“But Azerbaijan has never publicly referred to the three principles or confirmed its commitment to these principles, which deepens the atmosphere of mistrust,” Pashinyan emphasized.

Previously Pashinyan reported on agreeing on three key principles of the peace agreement between Baku and Yerevan. According to him, among them are mutual recognition of territorial integrity and delimitation of borders based on the Alma-Ata Declaration of 1991 and maps of the USSR General Staff of 1974-1990, renunciation of territorial claims and the obligation not to put forward them in the future, as well as unblocking regional communications based on the sovereignty of countries .

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