Moderator Gábina Partyšová (43) is famous for preserving the decor in the public, not drawing unnecessary attention to herself and based on a serious impression. But she was quite reluctant to attend the novice party in the Karlín Forum! With director Matěj Liška (45), she cut a kiss as if cut from a romantic whip. It was not an “ordinary” farewell kiss.

When it’s Gábina Partyšová she headed home, accompanied by a handsome gentleman to the taxi. This was none other than Matěj Liška, who shoots Nova’s Wives, for example. However, he did not limit himself to bringing the presenter to the destination safely and unscathed, opening the door or helping her into the car and waving her goodbye with a feeling of successful “work”.

For goodbye, Gabina experienced something completely different. They enjoyed a great kiss with the director, which definitely didn’t look like the usual friendly kiss.

Gábina Partyšová says goodbye to Matěj Liška. Do friends or colleagues kiss like this?

Gábina Partyšová says goodbye to Karlín Forum and Matěj Liška …

There is also the possibility that the couple quickly arranged and performed a great theater for the present photographers, because everyone knew that the photographers were standing outside, the guests of the party could see them outside, as the camera light was constantly flashing on them. In addition, the two kiss in such a way that they are as visible as possible, we know from experience that when someone starts a new relationship, they do not like the photographers, but at least they would hide it in the car, or worse behind the car.

Or just around the corner.

If we have something to do with the “notice me” tabloid scene, it’s surprising how Fox got into the role. That would be an Oscar-worthy performance. In any case, the two can kiss with complete impunity and with whomever they want.

Partyšová has been single for a long time after her divorce from Daniel Farnbauer, Liška after last year’s break-up with model and singer Jitkou Boho also, so nothing would stop their romances in their case …