Sometimes I hear: “Why do we need this union?” I confess that such thoughts have crossed my mind before. I received a good answer to this question when our school and two preschool institutions were merged. Three completely different teams, people with different specialties, dissimilar characters, thanks to the effective support of the primary trade union organization and its leader Lyalya Knyazeva, went through a period of adaptation painlessly and became a single, powerful organism.

Working on a collective agreement

It was during this period that our trade union committee proposed a wonderful idea – to write our own anthem, the oath of a union member for the initiation ceremony and the code of honor of a trade union member. When Lyalya Stepanovna approached me with this proposal, I not only supported her, but also, together with the trade union committee, discussed how it would be more interesting to hold an initiation ceremony with everyone who comes to our team.

Today I can safely say that the chairman of the primary trade union organization and I are real social partners. In my understanding, social partnership is a properly built relationship between the administration and the team represented by the trade union committee. And then everyone understands that a trade union is needed. This is probably why all the employees of our large educational center are members of it.

What is the activity of the trade union committee? Firstly, prompt informing about ongoing changes in legislation, the education system, in the trade union, as well as consulting in all areas of activity, competent advice, and friendly help. The motivated opinion of the trade union committee for me as a director is very important when drawing up orders and local acts that relate to social and labor relations, labor and rest standards, wages, work on pre-holiday and public holidays, issues of labor protection, health improvement, rewarding employees and much more. .

Secondly, prompt targeted support for each employee. No one is left without attention, whether there was a joyful event or, alas, grief.

By the way, realizing that the trade union committee needs its own space where it is possible to discuss fresh ideas, draw up an action plan, communicate tête-à-tête with members of the team, we have created a social partnership office. It is still small, but very comfortably furnished, it has a completely homely atmosphere. Here you can measure blood pressure, get a massage, “breathe” with a salt lamp, chat with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere over a cup of tea.

Thirdly, thanks to the activity of Lyalya Stepanovna, all conditions have been created at the school so that each member of the team can develop their creative talents and play sports.

I believe that the strength of our trade union committee is concern for the physical health of the team. In winter – skiing, competitions, in autumn and spring – Nordic walking classes. After a working day, you can relieve stress in a dance circle. I am glad that all this contributes to the reduction of morbidity.

By the way, sports equipment – massagers, a simulator, exercise mats – were purchased with funds that our primary trade union organization wins by participating in various trade union competitions and projects at all levels: all-Russian, republican, regional. I myself take part in creative evenings and trips organized by the trade union with great pleasure. The days of Tatar and Russian cuisine, the holiday of gardeners, where songs for the soul are performed, school staff share recipes for national pastries and preparations, have become a good tradition.

As part of the social partnership, we, together with the residents of the village of Otary, celebrate the holidays “Voice of the Yard”, New Year, Maslenitsa.

We do not leave without attention those of our employees who are already on a well-deserved rest, they are welcome guests at our events.

When new employees are hired, the chairman of the trade union committee invites them to join the union. But not formally, because “it’s necessary”, but truly voluntarily. In order for a person to have a desire to join the organization, Lyalya Stepanovna introduces him to the work of the trade union along the entire vertical, draws attention to the collective agreement, talks about the traditions of the team, and shows our awards and prizes in the social partnership office. And the newcomer makes a decision.

I sincerely believe that our primary trade union organization and the school administration are real social partners and like-minded people!

Rakhilya ABDULLINA, director of secondary school No. 100 – Education Center with a preschool department of the Volga region of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan